We came. We saw. We conquered (and also sweat A LOT). Terez Director of Public Relations, Juliana Goldman, takes on one of NYC's notoriously sweat-inducing, muscle-quivering workouts: The Fhitting Room. And yes, she made it out alive.  

Where did you workout?

The Fhitting Room, Flatiron, 31 West 19th Street.

How did you feel before the workout?

I was actually really nervous! I'd been neglecting HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts for a bit so I knew a challenge that my body wasn't used to was ahead. 

Terez works out at The Fhitting Room NYC

Photo: Gilt City

Who were your instructors? Is there something specific that you loved about them?

Carlos and Daury! They were incredibly motivating, made us laugh and had a great selection of music (hip hop meets house). They helped everyone work their hardest in a way that wasn’t intimidating but encouraging. It was really refreshing!

If you had to pick one emoji to describe your workout, what would it be and why?

Heart eyes emoji ...because I unexpectedly fell in love with the Signature FHIX class that I took! There’s not a question that I’ll be integrating this into my weekly routine. The biggest challenge for me was box jumps. It's always been an obstacle of mine. Luckily the boxes are padded (less intimidating) so I decided to face my fears and go for it! Guess whose two feet landed on top of the box? This girl! Another thing to mention is that The Fhitting Room will do wonders for your arms, it's definitely a full body workout but my arms felt especially great after.

Terez and Shape Magazine Editor Julia Malacoff work out at The Fhitting Room NYC

Which legging or style would you recommend wearing to this class?

The Fhitting Room is all about the teamwork! I went with a friend who suggested the workout. She had a great idea to mix things up a bit. I wore our Marble Performance Reversible Crop Top paired with Dip Dye Denim Leggings, and she wore the opposite (Dip Dye Reversible Crop Top with Marble Leggings). We definitely made a statement and it was really fun, so I would suggest coordinating fun prints with your friends. If you fly solo, go with the Kale print, you’ll blend right in with their green atmosphere!

For someone who’s never taken the class before, what should they expect?

Expect to work hard, to feel strong, and to book your next class before you leave The Fhitting Room! Also, don't forget to stretch and foam roll after—you'll definitely be happy that you did!

Have you worked out at The Fhitting Room? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!