In today’s society, women have made great  progress toward gender equality. We’re running companies, countries, households, and marathons. And yet, we often engage in a less productive, and even harmful, type of competition: with each other.

Too often, women are pitted against one another, constantly trying to one up others as we strive for what could be collective, and mutually supported, greatness. We see this all too often especially in the fitness industry. But at Terez, we want to eliminate this type of ranking one another, and instead, begin linking with one another. This idea - what Gloria Steinem calls a "world in which we are linked not ranked" -  is what inspires our #LinkedNotRanked series of events, where we invite leaders of the fitness industry to come together and have a conversation, led by the fierce women behind IntenSati, about supporting one another and finding the “why” in what we do each and every day. “Women supporting each other is crucial to the well being of our communities and ourselves,” participant Kristin Kenney wrote in a reflective post.

At our last event in this ongoing series, after an empowering workout class led by our ever-inspiring friend, Stoked360 trainer Kira Stokes, we were all reminded of why we choose to work and lead in this meaningful industry. Because, guess what? Fitting into skinny jeans isn’t nearly as important as the feelings of empowerment and strength that come with loving and embracing our bodies and each other. We all live to sweat, but fitness is about so much more.

Fitness Influencers at Link Together, Lead Together Event

Women's Boombox Leggings, Women's Crystal Skull Leggings, Women's Subway Leggings

After toweling off (because if you’ve never taken a Kira Stokes workout… you need to towel off. A lot), Jar Bar NYC, Juice Press and Eat Pops kept us nourished post-workout while the room buzzed as influencers discussed how NYC’s wellness movement is reaching new heights, and how we each play such an important role in the success of it all. It is thanks to all of these inspiring and influential female leaders that we have been able to come this far. We walked out of the studio feeling revitalized and empowered to bring this vision to others—that  success is not found in the failure of others, but rather in the strength within ourselves. Because we are so much stronger when we are linked together. We are all #LinkedNOTRanked and this is JUST the beginning.

Women at Terez's Link Together, Lead Together Event

Special thanks to our partners: Jar Bar NYC, Juice PressEat Pops and NRML Earphones