We go behind the blonde hair and muscles with our model, our inspiration and our bestie, Alex Silver-Fagan.

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Where do you call home?

New York City. I was raised in New Jersey and then went to NYU but when I left for college, my dad moved down to Boca Raton, Florida (where my grandma lives as well) so I didn't ever go back to Jersey. I even spent my summers in the city taking extra classes and living in the dorms. So NYC is where home has been for the past 6.5 years. My life is here. My friends. My job. Although I miss dad and grandma all of the time, NYC is where it's at.

Health and fitness are obviously integral parts of your life. Have you always been passionate about them? What first inspired you to get involved in the fitness industry?

I definitely was not always passionate about health and fitness. Growing up, I was the skinny girl who could eat an entire pizza by herself, enjoy brownies for breakfast, and of course get that grilled cheese at 4am. Meanwhile, I was a singer and an actress. I was president of the drama club and spent my afternoons at rehearsal or at voice lessons. When I went to NYU and started going out more in the city, I unfortunately fell into a very unhealthy lifestyle of partying and not eating. I was determined to be as "skinny" as possible. But I didn't do this by working out. Instead I starved. After about a year, something clicked and I knew I needed a change. That's when I found Bodybuilding.com and stepped into the weight room for the first time. I had found something that made me feel strong and unstoppable. I've stuck with that feeling ever since and it's my new goal to make sure that everyone aspires to be strong and healthy.

With so many fad workouts and diets out on the market these days, it can be difficult to find a routine that works well for each individual. How would you describe your overall approach to health and fitness, and how did you discover what works best for you?

If you don't enjoy it, don't do it. Now, that doesn't mean don't work out because working out is hard. It means, find something that is challenging but makes you excited to do it again. There are so many different ways to sweat that it'd be a shame to constantly dread your workouts day in and day out. My advice, try it all and don't get stuck in a rut!

Zara Terez Model Alex Silver-Fagan

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Do you have a favorite workout? What about the most unique sweat session you’ve ever had? What’s one workout/move that you just absolutely despise?

My favorite workout is anything that gets my heart rate up, keeps me moving, and makes me lift heavy! CITYROW is a great example. We're constantly moving and switching from the machine to the floor while using heavy dumbbells to build and strengthen. I also really love deadlifting... HEAVY. I despise barre/pilates. No offense to the workout or to anyone who enjoys it! The style is just not for me...

How do you keep yourself from falling into a workout rut? Any tips or tricks you'd recommend?

Whenever I feel like I'm falling into a routine, I look back at what I was doing 2-3 months before and compare to what is different now. If I used to incorporate a certain workout more often in the past, I'll bring it back! Also, social media is a great tool for checking out what other people are doing. A lot of trainers will post their workouts and it's fun to bring them along to the gym and try them out yourself!

What are some of your go-to workout tunes?

I'm a trap/remix girl all the way. Just call me a Trap Queen. Anything with a hip-hop/rap beat along with some sort of electronic mix works for me.

You must live a very hectic and active lifestyle—how do you stay balanced and organized in your personal life and your work life?

This is a tough one and something I'm still working on. Every day of the week is different for me, and each week is different too. Sometimes, I teach more classes or have less clients or have a photoshoot or a meeting, etc. In order to keep everything balanced, I rely on my little red book, aka my planner. I write down EVERYTHING. And make sure my week is planned in advance. Every Sunday, I sit down and go through what I have planned for the week. Then, I schedule in workouts/classes I want to take as well as dates with friends and time with my boyfriend. It sounds a bit OCD but it's the only way I've found structure in the chaos.

Zara Terez Model Alex Silver-Fagan

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We're all human. What's your guilty pleasure?

Pizza and ice cream :)

Of all the places you’ve traveled, which one left the biggest impact on you? Why?

I used to say Lisbon, Portugal because it was such a beautiful and special city. But this past September, I visited Israel for the second time but this go-around was with my boyfriend. He's Israeli and took me home to Jerusalem. Seeing the country through his eyes was remarkable and has made me really start to think about my own identity and also who and where I want to be in a few years.

When you’re in NYC, what’s your go-to workout spot/class and go-to foodie spot?

Go-to workout spot: CITYROW. Go-to foodie spot: Hu Kitchen.

It's Friday night. Where are you?

CITYROW to teach my 6:30pm class and then out to dinner! Even though I teach during the weekend, I try to go out and enjoy Friday night by having a nice dinner with good company.

What’s your beauty routine like? How do you maintain a fresh face 24/7?

If I didn't have to brush my hair or put on makeup ever, I'd be in heaven. But, I'd also probably scare a lot of people. My beauty routine is simple, I wash my face in the morning, at night, and after every workout. Then I put on moisturizer, a bit of concealer if needed and some mascara :) That's it! It's very important to wash your face regularly and moisturize.

You absolutely can’t leave the house without....

Gum. I always have 3 types on me: minty, fruity, and a wild-card.

What would you say is the most important lesson fitness has taught you?

You can be anyone and do anything you want, as long as you work for it.

Finally, if you had to pick just one... Which is your favorite Terez print?

Emojis... duh!

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