What are we listening to? Only the hottest beats, duh. Come get down, Terez style.

It goes without saying that music plays a huge role in our lives here at Terez (if you couldn’t already tell from all of our music-inspired prints...). Whether we’re jamming on the subway, tuning out the city sounds at home, or fist-pumping our way through a workout, carefully curated playlists are a necessity for us. With our newly-created Spotify account, we wanted to give our homegirls a look into what’s inspiring us these days—because studies have shown that not only does the right music amp up your workout, but it can help relieve stress and improve your mood.

But wait—what’s up with these oldies tracks? “I’m an old soul,” Founder & CEO Zara says. “Growing up, I would listen to all of my parents’ music. It kind of gives me peace; it takes me to a time when everything was a lot more simple.” Zara’s throwback playlist reminds us to take it slow every once and awhile. And don't be afraid to get down with your bad self.

So get moving (or chill out!), turn up the volume, and hang out with some Terez-inspired tunes.

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