Now that we're two weeks into 2016 (although, let's be honest, we'll still be writing "2015" on everything for the next 6 months...), we've come to terms with the fact that our original resolutions didn't turn out so well... So here are some real New Years Resolutions that are more up our alley. Because, as much as we hoped that we'd be hitting the gym 7 days a week, these resolutions are a bit easier to keep ;)

1. Laugh more.

Zara Terez Laugh More


Do we even really need to explain this?! It's good for the heart, soul, and mind. Plus, the fish gape is so 2015 -- we look way cuter laughing in our selfies.

2. Drink more coffee.

Terez Emoji Performance Leggings

Women's Emoji Capri Leggings, Emoji Side Panel Hoodie

Who are we kidding, there's no way we're going to quit this addiction. So we might as well embrace it, right? And with all the #goals we have planned for the year, we're definitely going to need the help of some extra caffeine in our bloodstream.

3. Take the elevator to the second floor.

Terez Audio Levels Performance Leggings

5 Tier Elastic Strap Sports Bra, Women's Audio Levels Capri Leggings

'Cause YOLO (Resolution #3.5: Bring back YOLO). Or because we'll be sooo sore from leg day that we deserve to skip the stairs, right...?

4. Use more emojis.

Zara Terez loves emojis

And if we're lucky, 2016's new emojis (we're lookin' at you, Apple!) will be better than ever. Honestly, how did we ever live without the taco and unicorn emojis?!

5. Kick more butt.

Terez Rainbow Lightning Performance Capri Leggings

Women's Rainbow Lightning Capri Leggings

'Nuff said. And in leggings like ours, you're already halfway there.

We're coming for you, 2016. Get ready.
What are some of your realistic New Year's Resolutions? Let us know in the comments below!