Whether you're spending the day of love with your boo-thang, your gal pals, or maybe even just your miniature maltese, we're here to remind you that the first person who should be getting some extra lovin' this Valentine's Day is the most important person of all: YOU! So here are 5 ~crucial~ steps that we'll be following in celebration of love today.

1. Get glam. It doesn't matter who we're getting dinner with on Valentine's Day—we'll be putting on our favorite shade of lipstick, recreating that up-do we've been eyeing on Pinterest (or at least attempting to), and treating ourselves to a killer mani. And if we're feeling extra special (and maybe a little lazy), we'll hit up our girls at GlamSquad to do it for us. Why? Because we want to look pretty for US! *hair flip*

Zara Terez eats Strawberry Brownie Skewers on Valentine's Day

Photo: Cupcakes and Cashmere

2. Indulge. A new handbag, a trendy overpriced fitness class, a few hours with your favorite guilty-pleasure magazines... Take your pick! Today's the perfect day to give yourself a little extra treat. What will we be doing, you ask? We'll be making a batch of these Strawberry Brownie Skewers and indulging in them with our BFFs. Or maybe just by ourselves. Yeah, scratch that, these look too good to share.

3. Draw a bath. Mhm, when's the last time you used that expression?! Let yourself unwind, relax, and reflect on all the things you love about yourself as you soak in a warm tub. Throw in a fun sparkly bath bomb for good measure, and you'll come out feeling like a unicorn. Because, duh, YOU ARE a unicorn!

4. Watch your favorite rom-com. V-Day is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your go-to rom-com with absolutely no judgments. Make it a date with your girlfriends, force your significant other to watch it with you, or just snuggle up in your comfiest sweats. The Terez team's recommendation? Love Actually. As if there's any other option...

Zara Terez dances like Beyonce in "Formation"

5. Dance. That's right, it's time to shake it off. Queue up your favorite Spotify playlist of all those catchy songs that you're maybe a little embarrassed to know all the words to (or tune in to one of our playlists!), and just totally let loose. In front of your mirror, with your BFFs, wherever feels right. We guarantee you'll be feeling like Queen B afterwards. And on that note, you can find us attempting to learn the dance to "Formation"... and likely failing miserably.

How are you giving yourself some extra love this Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments below!