Terez Director of Public Relations, Juliana Goldman, and Director of Merchandising, Julie Webman, take on one of NYC's hottest workouts: SLT.

Where did you work out?

SLT Midtown, 41 West 57th Street, 8th Floor, NYC. Known for whipping Victoria's Secret models into shape, they have 5 locations in NYC alone, with more in the surrounding tristate area! Check out their website to see if there's one in your 'hood.

How did you feel before the workout?

JG: Morning workouts are always tough, especially in the winter. Personally, music always helps to wake me up. I threw on my favorite Spotify playlist and immediately felt up for the challenge!

JW: A little stressed! I had a nightmare the night before that I was late to the class, so I dropped my son off at daycare extra early to ensure I was punctual. You never want to be late to your first time in a class. Once I arrived and got a nice intro to the Megaformer by the instructor, I was at ease.

Who was your instructor? Is there something specific that you loved about them?

Our instructor was Jill Demarco. We both loved that she was wearing Terez Marble Performance leggings! We also loved that she called out the next move while you were finishing up the last rep of the current move. That helped us mentally prepare for what was next so we didn't lose any time transitioning.

Zara Terez takes on the SLT workout

NYC Nights Performance Leggings, Marble Performance Leggings

If you had to pick one emoji to describe your workout, what would it be and why?

Zara Terez feels the burn at SLT

Because our muscles felt like they were literally on FIRE!!!

Which legging or style would you recommend wearing to this class?

NYC Nights for NYC mornings—yaasss! SLT is NYC-based just like Terez—gotta wear threads to match where you’re bred! We both rocked ours and they were a beautiful distraction from all the shaking going on during class.

For someone who’s never taken the class before, what should they expect?

Planks, twists, squats and lunges galore! Expect to tap into muscles that you didn’t realize you had. SLT’s saying is “Better Sore Than Sorry” for a reason—expect to feel the burn—the kind of burn that makes you want to come back for more!

Zara Terez takes on the SLT workout

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