We know you already love rocking your Terez gear at the gym. But did you know our activewear looks even cooler (if that's even possible) out on the town? Here we show you how to style some of our favorite prints, from brunch with the gals to a night at the clerb, with one of the most stylish chicks we know—
Marni of @StyleOnTheRise. Your wardrobe can thank us later.

An Edgy Afternoon

Need to run some errands before heading off to barre class in your Marble Performance Leggings later, but feeling too fresh n’ funky for your boring running sneakers? We have the answer to your problems.

Terez street style in Marble Performance Leggings

Marble Performance Leggings

Throw on your favorite graphic tee, a killer leather jacket, and some amply-studded combat boots, and you’ve got a look that screams "don't mess with me." A baseball hat and some fly shades will help you block out the haters too (not that you’ll have any when you look this cool).

A New York City Night

Terez street style in Multi Stitch Leggings and NYC Nights Crop Top

Black Multi-Stitch Performance Leggings, NYC Nights Reversible Crop Top

Getting dressed up for a night on the town doesn’t mean you have to wear absurdly tight bodycon dresses that you can barely move in—because when “Sorry” comes on, you know you’re gonna need to be able to get down. The combination of our Black Multi Stitch Performance Leggings and standout NYC Nights Crop Top will have you turning heads left and right.

Terez street style in Multi Stitch Leggings and NYC Nights Crop Top

But then throw on a luxe faux fur vest, some rockin’ booties, and a fab hat, and you’ve got yourself one statement-making outfit! Warning: your friends will be hesitant to go out with you, because you’ll be stealing all the attention.

A (Crystal) Cozy Morning

Terez street style in Crystal Skull Leggings

Crystal Skull Performance Leggings

We’ve all been there: your alarm goes off, you hit snooze. Alarm goes off again, you hit snooze again. And again, and again… There are just some mornings where it takes way too much energy to get out of bed, let alone to actually put together a cute outfit. Never fear, we’re here to make looking both cute and cozy a no-brainer.

Terez street style in Crystal Skull Performance Leggings

Pair your favorite oversized sweater with our jaw-dropping Crystal Skull Performance Leggings, and don't forget to accessorize—add a cute beanie and shades for good measure. If you’re feeling funky, up your game with a pair of sneaker wedges. Chic, comfy, and better yet, no one will be able to guess that you hit snooze 17 times!

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