Because when we’re not eating, working out, or shopping, you can find us wandering the streets of the Concrete Jungle in search of a little inspiration. Here are some of our favorite places to unwind, get our culture on, and get back to our NYC roots. 

1. East River Walk

Where: Start at East 25th Street on the East River and walk all the way down to the Circle Line. It's a very doable 3 miles total. You can even hop on the Circle Line when you get there for a mid-afternoon boat cruise!

When to go: Any time, as long as it's sunny and preferably not windy—trust us, you’d rather not be pulling your hair out of your mouth every 3 seconds. There's a difference between "wind-blown" and "just-got-out-of-a-helicopter" hair!

Terez Says: After a late brunch on a Saturday or Sunday, everyone is always looking for an activity. And if you live in NYC, you know everything costs an arm and a leg. That is why a nice long walk is great way to spend your afternoon hours—getting exercise, catching up with friends, and seeing all the sites of NYC without having to open your wallet. Plus, you pass underneath 3 different bridges, and at one point you can see all of them at the same time AND Lady Liberty. NYC for the win!

2. Bitforms Gallery

Terez visits the Bitforms Gallery in NYC

Photo: Daily Serving

Where: Lower East Side, 131 Allen Street.

When to go: Head here when you feel like you need some inspiration. It's one of our favorite places to get our creative juices flowing (how else would we come up with so many fun and unique prints for our leggings?!).

Terez Says: There are so many great galleries in Soho, one of our favorites is Bitforms. Usually the exhibition displays artists that are critically engaged with new technologies. We personally enjoy the innovation and creativity of the combination of art and technology. The exhibitions are changing pretty often, so we recommend checking what's on display before going.

3. Dinosaurs Among Us Exhibit

Terez visits the Museum of Natural History, Dinosaurs Among Us Exhibit

Photo: American Museum of Natural History

Where: The American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 79th Street.

When to go: Whether you need to get your little one out of the house for a while, or you simply just want to travel back in time (like, reeeeally far back), we like to come here when the kid inside of us needs to run free.

Terez Says: No matter your age, you can't deny that dinosaurs are really freakin' cool. There's nothing quite like spending a day exploring a totally different time period, while also picking up on some awesome prehistoric facts. And we know you've been dying to take a selfie with a Velociraptor. 

4. Central Park Reservoir

Terez in Central Park NYC

Julie Webman, Terez Director of Merchandising, and her little babe at the Central Park Reservoir.

Where: Upper East Side—enter at 86th Street.

When to go: Perfect for when you can't decide which side of the city to spend your day on! Many people who live on the West Side think that it's the best side, while those who live on the East Side think their side rules. But the Reservoir in Central Park is one of those places where you can start out at one end, and in 15 minutes (depending on your pace!) end up on the other. Sunset is our favorite time here—the way the dipping sun reflects onto the water and bounces off the buildings is really special. 

Terez Says: Nerd Alert: The reservoir is 40 feet deep and holds BILLIONS of gallons of water. President Bill Clinton, Madonna and Jackie Onassis have all run this track and so can you (OR you can walk, like some of us prefer). Be prepared to stop for people halted and taking selfies against this beautiful backdrop—although you might want to stop and do the same!

5. Chelsea Market

Terez visits Chelsea Market in NYC

Where: Meatpacking District, 75 9th Avenue (between 15th and 16 Streets).

When to go: Perfect for days when climate change makes the weather completely unpredictable (75 and sunny one day, and 40 with a chance of snow the next? What?!), this indoor market is fun to wander through any time of day.

Terez Says: Head here when your tummy is grumbling, but your fickle mind can’t decide on just one place to eat! There’s dozens of cool little gourmet shops that can satisfy any craving you might have, and while you’re digesting between food rounds, you can stroll through the sample sales that are always rotating through the market. Plus, the thousands of light strands hanging from some ceilings and brick archways make you feel like you’re wandering through a fairy castle.

6. The High Line

Terez visits The High Line in NYC

Photo: The New York Times

Where: Meatpacking District—we recommend entering at 14th Street and meandering uptown.

When to go: Perfect for the approaching warm weather! We know you’ve probably already exhausted all of Netflix’s new shows, which means it’s time to head outside… Both tourists and locals alike love this vehicle-free stretch. But beware, the closer we get to summer, the more crowded The High Line can get on weekend afternoons!

Terez Says: Grab brunch with your gal pals at any of the cute nearby restaurants in Meatpacking on a Saturday morning, then stroll along The High Line to enjoy the blooming flowers, views of the Hudson, and pops of funky graffiti along the walk. We love to bring a good book along with us as well, so that when we find a sunny spot we can lay out and unplug for a little while.

Where do you like to spend your weekends in NYC? Let us know in the comments below!