We were #blessed to be able to experience the magical mecca that is Coachella this year. Was it debatably one of the longest weekends of our lives? Yes. Would we trade it for anything in the world? Absolutely not.

Here’s an inside look at all of our favorite acts, parties, art, food, and (of course) style from our crazy beautiful weekend in the desert.

Terez style at Coachella

Director of Public Relations, Juliana Goldman, rocked her Terez Mixtapes Muscle Tank along with some seriously stylin' hair—colorful braid = necessary!

Twelve Chairs art at Coachella

The art at Coachella was super inspiring to see around the festival grounds. The Tower of Twelve Stories by Jimenez Lai (above) and the Katrina Chairs by Alexandre Arrechea (below) were some of our favorite art pieces to admire.

Kristina Chairs art exhibit at Coachella Music Festival

And all of the art was even more beautiful at night time when their giant structures were illuminated against the desert sky. We left feeling v cultured! 

Terez style at the Revolve Clothing Festival at Coachella

When not at the festival we had waaaaay too much fun hanging at the parties happening around town, especially the Revolve Festival. And yes, Creative Director, Amanda Schabes, is indeed wearing David Bowie's face.

Terez at Neon Carnival at Coachella

Neon Carnival got a huge thumbs up from us. We saw Leo, end of story.

Ice cream sandwich at the Nylon event at Coachella

 We obviously couldn't leave Coachella without indulging in some of their delicious #EEEEEATS obviously. Our friends at Nylon kept us (very) well fed at their Midnight Garden event.  

Spicy Pizza at Coachella

Photo: The Infatuation

Two words: Spicy. Pizza. We may or may not have eaten the whole thing in under 10 seconds. No shame. It was necessary in order to get the full Coachella experience, right?

LCD Soundsystem at Coachella

And last but not least, music was obviously the main reason we showed up at the festival this year. LCD Soundsystem brought down the entire house with an unforgettable performance after a 5-year hiatus. Ice Cube for the old school hip hop lovers. Black Coffee, an incredible South African DJ, was super fun. Disclosure is always great (duh). And Grimes is our hero.

Did you venture to Coachella this year?! Let us know in the comments below!