Not even all the flowers in the world, or endless days of breakfast in bed could accurately express our love for our moms. Because let's be real—after dealing with us for so many years, she deserves some sort of award.

So this Mother's Day, we decided to celebrate the incredible women in our lives in a different way. Here, we take a glimpse into the relationships of 10 adorable mother-daughter teams to see what special magic they've inherited from one another and what these girls love most about their mamas. Tissues not included.

Lizzie Tisch Terez Mother's Day

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1. Lizzie Tisch, Co-Founder of Suite 1521 & Daughter Mason, 13

What quality do you love most about your mother? Do you see yourself taking on any of those qualities?

"I love her personality. She's passing her humor onto me. She's really funny... most of the time."

What do you love most about Mother's Day?

"Mother's Day is a day for moms to relax and let them loose!"


Dana Stern Terez Mother's Day

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2. Dana Stern, Executive Entertainment Director at Cosmopolitan Magazine and Seventeen Magazine & Daughters Mallory, 8 & Tatum, 6

What do you love most about your mom?

Mallory: "We like it when she smiles... It makes us feel good."

Tatum: "She gives us hugs and kisses. She helps us when we're hurt."


Natalia Petrzela Terez Mother's Day

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3. Natalia Petrzela, Activist-Scholar & Daughter Lucy, 4

When you grow up, what are you going to do that your mommy does now?

"I am going to go to the gym and be healthy."

What do you love to do most with your mom?

"I love when she picks me up from school and we go home, watch movies and cuddle."


Zara Terez Tisch Terez Mother's Day

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4. Justine Zimmerman, Chief Mama of Terez & Daughters Zara (Founder/CEO of Terez), Pilar (Director of Client Services at Terez) Darlene, Doreen, Granddaughters Madison, 14 & Elle Jay, 5 Months

What do you love most about your mom? What has been the biggest lesson she has taught you?

Zara: My mom encompasses love.  She has taught me that love can be applied to all aspects of life. Love can protect you, love can take you far... all the way to your dreams.

What quality do you hope to pass onto your daughter?

Zara: I just want her to be a truly nice and genuine person.

What great quality of your mother's do you think she has passed on to you? Something you're truly proud of...

Pilar: The ability to love unconditionally and accept people for who they are.


Jennifer Gould Keil Terez Mother's Day

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5. Jennifer Gould Keil, New York Post Columnist & Daughter Kaitlin, 10

What do you love most about your mom?

"She is my support system and teaches me not to quit and to never give up."

 Meaghan Murphy Terez Mother's Day

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6. Meaghan Murphy, Executive Editor at Good Housekeeping & Daughter Charley, 5 1/2

What do you love most about your mommy?

"I love my mama because she's nice to everyone. And she loves when I say AWESOME SAUCE!"


Alexandra Wilkis Wilson Terez Mother's Day

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7. Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Co-Founder of GlamSquad and Gilt & Daughter Arabella, 3

What do you love most about your mommy?

"She makes me feel safe when we go on roller-coaster rides"


 Gabby Etrog Cohen Terez Mother's Day

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8. Gabby Etrog Cohen, SVP of Public Relations and Brand Strategy at SoulCycle & Daugther Cece, 5

What do you love most about your mommy?

"She's silly! I love to go on adventures with her. Also I love her kisses!"  


 Atoosa Rubenstein Terez Mother's Day

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9. Atoosa Rubenstein, Former Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen Magazine & Founding Editor of CosmoGIRL! & Daughters Angelika, 7 & Twins Avis and Avalon, 3

What do you love most about your mommy?

Angelika: "She's really jazzy!"

What do you mean by jazzy?

"It's hard to explain! She dresses jazzy, she acts jazzy... I don't know, just everything about her is jazzy!!"

Rachel Blumenthal Terez Mother's Day

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10. Rachel Blumenthal, Founder & CEO of Cricket's Circle & daughter Gemma, 11 months

What do you love about being a mom?

"Kids are magically unpredictable and they have the most incredible confidence. Appreciating that lack of inhibition and curiosity and getting to live through your kids' eyes is life changing."

Whether you are celebrating your mother, sister, aunt, cousin, grandma, godmother, best friend, or even just yourself this Mother's Day, be sure to give her a little bit of extra magic. She deserves it.