They're helping put women in the driver’s seat and making us laugh the whole way there (seriously, have you seen their Snapchat?!). We chatted with some of the witty babes behind Bumble, the trendy, females-first dating app. Read on for Halloween shenanigans, #girlpower inspo, and ridiculous pick-up lines. 

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Important questions first: What's your #1 most used emoji?

Caroline Ellis, COO:


Alex Williamson, VP Brand Content:

Samantha Fulgham, Director of College Marketing:

Take us on a quick walk-through of a typical day at Bumble HQ.

SF: Coffee, email, music, email, Skype meetings, email, IRL meetings, email, 30-second dance party, email. 

CEWhat Sam said! Lots of coffee, lots of emails, lots of hustle and lots of fun!

AWChaos in the best possible way. We have the most incredible team of women who come in the office every day ready to hustle and create at the speed of light. I'm always so proud to be a part of our team, and to know that we can text each other at 11pm about something work related and get immediate responses. We're addicted to The Hive and every day is different.

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Bumble is well known for changing the game and putting the power in women's hands. How does that resonate with you on a personal level?

CEIt's definitely taught me to be more confident and to not be scared when making decisions.

SFIt really is everything. It has changed the way I perceive everyday life.. Whether that's actually going up to that cute guy at the grocery store or just giving me a boost of confidence in the workplace every single morning! We have the best support system here at Bumble.

AWI've stopped waiting for the ball to be in my court in every facet of life. I go out and grab the ball and play the game how I want now, and I think that's the way it should be. Ignore the rules, create your own.

Speaking of which: Word on the street is that the Bumble squad is a group of pretty funny gals... So we're assuming you all have a signature pick-up line (#girlpower)! What are yours?!

CE: "I'm in the mood for pizza... A pizza you!" Or, "Marry, do, or die: Salsa, guacamole or queso?" is always an interesting convo starter.

AW"Are you single? I'm not asking for me, but I have the most amazing friend who you have to meet." If you act cool and normal, they're totally going to want to meet your friend and you become the best wing woman of all time.

SF"Are you free for coffee? 'Cause I like you a latte.." Or, "Are you a keyboard.. 'Cause you're definitely my type." Basically anything with a good pun.

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We know working at a start-up can get pretty hectic—how do you stay balanced and organized in your personal lives and your work life?

AWI don't...

CETo be honest, there is not a whole lot of balance if any, but I love it. I try to work out regularly (try is the key word, lol), LOTS of cal invites, I take lots of notes and try to always get a good night's sleep.

SFThey are basically the same thing because Bumble throws a fun party...

You can only eat one type of food for the rest of your life. Go.

SF: Easy. Gushers.

CEMexican—queso and tacos. Couldn't live without them.

AW: Easy. Chips and queso. I'm addicted to cheese. Like, it's a serious issue.

It's Friday night. Where are each of you?

CECooking dinner and drinking wine at home with my boyfriend and friends. Crazy Friday!

AWDrinking tequila sodas with my boyfriend and our friends or family. In bed by midnight (probably by 11:30).

SFI'm downtown, Alex is drinking Tequila with her boyfriend and best friends, and Caroline is cooking some fabulous dish with her bf. (Editor's note: Do these chicks know each other well or what?!) 


Bumble for Terez—Halloween Style

Sandra Dee—Vegan Leather Racer Leggings 


What's the most ridiculous Halloween costume you've ever worn?

CESpongebob in elementary school. Yikes!

AWI've been Edie Sedgwick like 8 times.

SFI am omitting myself from this question. You can quote me on that. 

Go-to Halloween candy?

CEKit Kats.

AWSour Patch Kids for life.

SFFinding that Reese's in a basket filled with yogurt covered raisins and peanut butter crackers is a serious day-maker. (#tru)

Finally, if you had to pick just one... Which is your favorite Terez print?

CE: For sure Crystal Skull.

AWThe Bumble print we have yet to create together! And the SU2C print—my mom is a triple negative breast cancer survivor and a total badass.

SFI'm loving my Soosh Leggings... 'Cause I can walk past a cute guy and say "Wasaaaabiiii?"

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