If you know us, you know we’re all about 1) crazy delicious treats, 2) things that make you stop and say “WOAH,” 3) anything and everything that spreads smiles, rainbows, and general magic far and wide.

So when we came across SweetAmbs cookies... Well, it’s safe to say we kind of freaked out.

We were mesmerized (no, really—we’re embarrassed to say how many hours we’ve clocked watching her videos), and we knew we needed to make a print inspired by her insanely intricate cookies. Fast forward several months (and a lot of cookies!) later, and we’re beyond excited to be unveiling our Terez x SweetAmbs collaboration to the world! Her designs are (almost) too pretty to eat, so now you can wear them instead.

Just like SweetAmbs cookies, this collaboration was baked with love in New York. Watch below to see her creations come to life on our leggings!

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