Linked Not Ranked (LNR) is a movement based on women empowerment and the vision of a world in which women see each other primarily as allies - linked - rather than ranked as adversaries.

The Linked Not Ranked movement is one which Terez has fiercely represented and advocated for since our brand was just a baby! Its core values -- friendship, camaraderie, empowerment, and positivity -- are really what Terez is all about. Now a must-do yearly tradition, we strive to make each Linked Not Ranked better than the last.

With this goal in mind, the Terez Team thought back to previous iterations of the series. Our community knew the Linked Not Ranked movement as a 3-4 hour fitness event hosted by someone in the fitness space who would teach a group workout. We wanted for this year to be different. More impactful & more poignant; something that would give us the opportunity to learn about the incredible women who rely on our gear each day, while still allowing them to get to know the true heart and soul behind Terez.

And so, with a little sugar, spice, and everything nice…Terez LINKED NOT RANKED INSTRUCTOR SUMMIT was born on April 28th, 2018! Hosting 40 fitness instructors from 9 cities around the nation, this year’s LNR was a full-day, full-scale event that had us walking away with new friendships, new insights, new perspectives, and newfound purpose in making the future of the fitness industry better.

Some highlights included:

  • Our beautiful venue and WeWork’s new baby; the spa/gym hybrid Rise By We
  • Personalized swag for every attendee, including monogrammed EVERYTHING
  • A morning meditation was lead by Donna D’Cruz to align our energies and prepare ourselves for the day ahead
  • Our beloved tag-team duo, our founders Zara and Amanda lead meaningful discussions & encouraged connection between all of the attendees
  • A (literal) giant jenga tower of our highs and lows as contributors to the fitness industry
  • Inspiring women like Stacey Griffith, Jennifer Baumgardner, and Molly Carmel -- joined together for a panel discussion on the language and messaging of the fitness industry, and the role instructors play with clients. All of this was moderated by Well+Good’s Jordan Galloway
  • A conversation about body image was held by Keynote Speaker & LNR Co-Founder, Patricia Moreno that left no dry eyes in the audience
  • A lesson on the history of fitness by LNR Co-Founder Natalia Petrzela (Hello, Jane Fonda!)
  • An all-encompassing workout lead by Rise by We instructors that allowed our girls to get to know the disciplines of other instructors (yoga, pilates, boxing, HIIT, and cardio galore!)

To recap the recap -- Linked Not Ranked was beyond magic to say the very least. We are still on a cloud from the incredible energy these women brought to the table. We are so looking forward to new LNR event and can’t wait to do it bigger and better every time.