Step out of your comfort zone and embark on a journey through South Africa with Terez Designer Lisa Joseph.

Where in the world were you?

Cape Town, South Africa.

What time of year did you travel there?

Early March which, because South Africa is in the southern hemisphere, is the end of their summer.

Where did you stay?

We stayed at an Airbnb the first 2 nights in the heart of the business district of Cape Town, then 2 nights in a chalet at a game reserve (we woke up one morning to 2 elephants walking on the horizon!). We ended the trip in Sea Point, a beach-front neighborhood in Cape Town.

Terez South Africa Elephants

What was your favorite food/meal/dish that you ate? What about the weirdest food you tried?

I wasn’t adventurous trying out different foods, but my boyfriend tried Kudu (antelope) and ostrich. The coffee around Cape Town was amazing though. Truth Coffee has a double shot espresso drink mixed with orange juice (it was delicious).  

Favorite activity that you tried or adventure that you went on?  

Our first full day in Cape Town was full of adventure. First, we drove an hour away to a winery full of gardens, streams, good food, and, of course, wine. Then we spent the afternoon hiking.  I really enjoyed the hike because as scared as I was during the hard parts (climbing up metal ladders and having to use handles built in to the rocks) I was proud of myself for making it up all the way up. Plus, the views were amazing at the top. 

Terez South Africa

Most memorable site that you saw? 

I think it's a toss up between Boulder's Beach and Lion’s Head Mountain. Boulder’s Beach was full of penguins swimming, waddling around, and nesting. But the views from the top of Lion's Head Mountain were beautiful—the city was on one side and the ocean on the other.  

One moment I'll never forget was when...

We went to a game reserve about 4.5 hours from Cape Town where we saw a female cheetah eating a Kudu she killed the night before with her 3-month-old cubs. It was pretty amazing to see in person. The game reserve was very informative about the environment and the animals. Rhinos are being poached for their horns, which is leading them to near-extinction. Hearing about all the threats to the animals and how many are close to extinction because of humans was incredibly eye-opening.  

Terez South Africa

Most interesting thing you learned about the country while you were there?

Totally random, but I was very surprised by this fact, hippos kill more humans in Africa than any other animal. This is due to poverty-struck areas where people use watering holes where hippos live. Or that… Many animals, including elephants and rhinos, can only be found in game reserves since they have to be highly protected. There are about 16 poacher groups in Kruger National Park at any given time trying to kill these animals for profit. Rhino horns are worth between $60,000-$100,000 USD per kilogram.  

Any tips or tricks that you'd recommend to others when traveling there?  

Drive down the east side of Cape Town down to Boulder Beach to see the penguins then drive back up the west side of the peninsula and drive Chapman’s Peak during sunset, the views are breathtaking.

Terez South Africa

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