Whether you're a dancer, a boxer, a baker, an artist, or anything in between, we're here to help you unleash your inner magic. Check out some of the amazingly unique ladies who keep our Terez Universe spinning ‘round and ‘round!


Meet Abby

She’s kind, passionate, and crazy sweet—and only 15 years old! Abby’s love for dance radiates through her shining personality, and she’s been twirling through this world since before she could walk. Her smile is contagious and she leaves a trail of rainbows everywhere she goes.

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Meet Erika

Watch out - this one packs a serious punch! Erika is a badass trainer at one of New York City's hottest fitness studios, Rumble Boxing. She's equal parts tough and sweet - inspiring everyone around her to become the best version of themselves, mentally and physically.

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Meet Jessica

Jessica, author of Treat Yourself and the mastermind behind MisterKrisp, creates the sensational rice krispies treats that have been taking the shape of cheeseburgers and pop stars on your Instagram feed. She followed her dream, and now she’s hustling each and every day to make the world a more loving and delicious place.

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Meet Christy

Fact: Unicorns are real, and Christy is one of them! She’s a talented artist who uses lots (and LOTS) of glitter—our kind of gal. Her designs are over the top, bold, and playful, but most importantly, she is unabashedly true to herself.

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Meet Zara & Amanda

Zara and Amanda, the co-founders of Terez, encompass the spirit that is our company at its very core. Their magical energy and innovation guide us through every day with unwavering love and support.

Which Terez girl do you identify with? Are you an Abby? Maybe an Erika? A Jessica? A Christy? Maybe a little bit of EACH! No matter who you are, we're so happy to have you on this magical journey with us.