2016 was a year more magical than we could have ever imagined.

And no, we're not exaggerating one bit. It was seriously our best. year. ever! From changing our name, to traveling the country, to spreading as much love and light as we possibly could—it's safe to say that we couldn't have asked for more. Read on for a look back at some of our favorite highlights...

Turning Terez

That time we did the whole name-change, rebrand thing. Yeah, remember that?! We barely do either! It feels like an eternity ago! We officially landed on Planet Terez this year, and we were so unbelievably grateful for everyone's support and encouragement as we entered into a new and exciting chapter of Terez's story. 

Continuing Linked Not Ranked

Terez Linked Not Ranked Los Angeles

Spring 2016, Los Angeles

Terez Linked Not Ranked 2016 - New York City

Fall 2016, New York City

We held not one, but two events in our Linked Not Ranked series, both at home in NYC and in sunny LA. It's been so incredible to see this movement grow and to celebrate the amazing women of our ever-growing fitness community. We can't wait to bring this conversation to more and more people in the upcoming year, with even more activations and exciting new additions to our meaningful event series.

Mama, We Made It!

Terez New York Times feature

We were so humbled to have a feature in The New York Times published about Terez. Check it out to read more about our wild ride (and how our "office feels like a cross between a basement rec room and a girls’ summer camp bunk"—not not true!).

From Coast to Coast

Terez at Coachella 2016

We got in touch with our festival roots at Coachella, SXSW, Governor's Ball and Burning Man. So great to have Terez team members on the ground to spread our message of love and positivity while having the chance to gain tremendous inspiration from some of the most innovative festivals in the world!

Are We Talkin' Teams? Yes.

Terez Leggings

Leggings. On leggings. On leggings.

Our amazing team has only continued to grow—in numbers, in creativity, in passion, and in our love for and support of one another (did you see our ridiculous Snapchat story from our company retreat?!). Here are a few of our team members' favorite prints from 2016... 

Our FDNM collection this year was one of my favorite styles we have ever made. It brings our design of photo-real prints to a whole new level. We are always trying to push our limits and try new things—and magic was fully created with FDNM. - Zara Terez Tisch would definitely have to go with Crystalized! I find that the vibration of crystals can help shift your energy to a more positive space - something we can all use! To be able to carry that sentiment on your legs wherever you go makes me very happy. - Amanda Schabes, TerezNo-brainer. Our Limited Edition Crystal Emoji series (stay tuned for more!) was definitely my favorite style from 2016. Combining our two favorite things - crystals & emojis! - Jonathan Goldberg, TerezThe Women’s Black Moto / Girls' Biker Beauty was my favorite print of 2016 because I feel like we truly created an illusion. I love that they play tricks on your eyes by looking like chic leather pants, but really they're still our favorite comfortable leggings! —Molly McCaffery, TerezIt was really difficult to choose with so many fabulous prints in 2016... but my favorite is Skull Lace. It's the perfect combination of femininity and edginess! - Zapora Williams, Terez

Last, but certainly not least, we wouldn't be where we are today without all of YOU! Thanks for making 2016 the most magical, crazy, and wonderful year ever. We can't wait for what's to come.