Best friends, creative geniuses, and certified goofballs—who else could we be describing but Terez Creative Director, Amanda Schabes, and Misterkrisp Founder, Jessica Siskin? Whether they're cooking up a killer collaboration, or wandering the desert together, these two never fail to have a good time. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at their crazy friendship.

Women's, Girls' and Kids' Misterkrisp Leggings

Amanda Schabes, Creative Director of Terez: What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Jessica Siskin, Founder and Head Krisper at Misterkrisp: I hit the snooze button about eleven times, read my e-mail, and then I check the trending hashtags on Instagram. I like to make and post krisps that acknowledge pop culture and those #nationalwhateverday holidays that nobody knew about until Instagram happened.

How do you decide what you want to wear to work?

AS: I start with basics and then choose one statement piece with an interesting color, texture, or print to pull it all together. I am always in boots. And most days I rock a hat. But every day I rock a smile ;)

MK: I forgot what it's like to pick out a cute outfit in the morning. Today I made 3 krispies in my PJs!

AS: I bet you have some really cool PJs. Pajamas is such a fun word, isn't it? What is your favorite word?

MK: Based on sound alone, I really like the word "cutlet" but my favorite all-around word is probably, "consider."

AS: So you're saying you would consider cutlets? JK LOL.

Best friends Amanda and Jessica of Terez and Mister Krisp

MK: Let's get down to business. What is the hardest thing you've had to overcome as an entrepreneur?

AS:  As a creative person, developing product has always come really naturally to me, and that's where Terez started.  But eventually as our brand grew, Zara and I learned quickly that creating the magic was only half the battle and we would have to eventually build out our team and let go of some of responsibilities as the business owners. This was hard because it was our baby! It still is! But it is so amazing to have a team you can rely on and truly trust to make the best decisions for your company. It feels like a family.

If Zara is reading this right now, she is definitely crying.

MK: So am I!!!

AS: You saps! What surprises you most about yourself?

MK: How opinionated I am. Now that I have my own business to take care of and I'm not executing anyone else's vision but my own, I am often surprised at how clearly I understand what Misterkrisp is about and how strongly I feel about  how it should be represented.

If you could collaborate on a pair of leggings with any artist, living or dead, what do you think David Bowie x Terez leggings would look like?

AS: OMG WE REALLY ARE BFFAE! I know Bowie would want to do something against the grain. He would be a tough cookie to work with, but I think he would encourage me to really step outside of my comfort zone and see things from a different perspective. He loved doing things differently and that's what made him such a legend. If it was up to me, I would just make a sick collage of his many faces and phases throughout his insanely inspiring life. And then probably never take them off.

What do you do when you're not Krispin'? 

Misterkrisp for Terez Girls' Leggings

Girls' Misterkrisp Leggings

MK: I am in grad school getting my MFA in Creative Non-Fiction so I spend a lot of time reading and writing. Aside from that I like to watch the Bachelor, Meditate and listen to Hamilton the Musical. Sometimes I perform Hamilton while I'm making krisps.

I love so much that Terez is about radiating positivity and being nice. My favorite thing to see when I visit you at work is the neon sign that says "you can sit with us." How did this notion of inclusivity become such a big part of your brand?

AS: There are so many things we can't control in the world but one thing we can control is how we treat each other. It's really amazing how you can change someone's day just by being nice.

MK: That's one of my favorite things about you. You're nice to everyone you meet!

AS: Aw thanks beb. Speaking of favorites, do you a favorite pair of Terez leggings?

MK: I loved all of my Terez leggings equally until our Terez x Misterkrisp leggings came out. Now they are not only my favorite leggings but my favorite article of clothing! They feature some of my favorite krisps and I love how colorful they are, but mostly I love that I had the opportunity to collaborate with you.

AS: It was definitely one of my favorite collaborations too. Nothing is better than creating something with your best friend and watching it come to life. I've learned that from getting to work with Zara every day.

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