It goes without saying that we're all about athleisure here at Terez. But you also may have heard the term "athleisure beauty" pop up this year too... What's that all about? We sat down with the girl squad at Sweat Cosmetics to talk about the beauty of sweating, easy makeup tips and tricks, and what you should—and should NOT!—be putting on that pretty face.

Team Terez: First up, a little bit of fun… Which is the Sweat Cosmetics Team’s all-time favorite emoji?

Sweat Cosmetics:​

TT: Where are you ladies based out of?

SC: Headquartered in Denver, represented in the SF Bay Area and always covered in Madison, WI.

TT: #1 song on repeat in the office right now?

SC: "Who Run The World" by Beyonce.

TT: Favorite team workout?

CS: ​CorePower Yoga Sculpt or SoulCycle​!

TT: Now, down to business. First up: tell us what you’re all about at Sweat!

SC: At Sweat, we believe in balance. We want to live in a world where every woman feels her power—and yoga pants are always acceptable. We embrace our bodies and our imperfections. We celebrate strength and hard work.

We encourage competition with the right things. We care deeply about empowering women to be healthy and active. We want nothing more than to disrupt the beauty world. We hope to one day fill your makeup bag, because we’re a  brand women can connect with and trust. We will change the thinking on what “sweat” means and how it’s perceived. We’re inspired by people who push themselves—and don’t give up. We will be responsible for our confidence. We will show the world what real women are made of. 

Our mantra is “Watch us run this.”

TT: We’ve heard the term “athleisure beauty” being thrown around a lot in recent months… How do you ladies at Sweat interpret that, and what does it mean to you?

SC: Athlesiure beauty is amazing because the mentality finally allows those women, who are constantly on the go, the ability to finally let their hair down (or up...on top of their head...full of dry shampoo). From the athletic apparel lines who aren't skipping any corners when it comes to durability/style, to accessory brands who are dressing up gym bags that go for designer prices, to now, even athleisure cosmetics.

Sweat Cosmetics x Terez

We believe our brand differentiates us because we are by NO means are saying that women need to wear makeup to workout. We are saying that anyone living this athleisure lifestyle is typically wearing the same makeup on her face at 8 am on her way to work that she has on while she is rushing to her lunchtime yoga class. It is imperative to always have high quality sunscreen on your face and ensure whatever ingredients are going on your skin are clean!

TT: So, it goes without saying that when it comes to working out, the sweatier the better (in our opinion, at least!). What’s the deal with sweat and its benefits—or disadvantages—for our skin?

SC: #1 benefit:

Sweating is basically a natural facial from the inside out.

It helps your body and skin​ release toxins and bacteria thats deep in your pores! A big disadvantage is Sweat is SALTY! It's super drying, and active skin needs to be moisturized properly. Also, something to always keep in mind: your pores open when you sweat... what you put on your skin pre-sweating matters! We have formulated Sweat's products to be antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and non-comedogenic. 100% sweat-resistant and Sweat Approved!

TT: And how about washing our face after a workout? Is it okay if sweat dries on our way home, or should we be washing our face ASAP?

SC: Totally up to the woman and what she did for her workout that day. If she survived SoulCycle or powdered through a Bikram yoga class, chances are she is going to be completely soaked and going to want to wash every part of her body. However, if she did a little HIIT workout or a lunchtime yoga flow, she's probably going to be able to spray her hair with some dry shampoo, lightly wipe down her body with one of our cleansing towelettes, and touch up with our twist brush... No one would even know ;) Because our product is a powder and doesn't run into pores, you're able to get away with Sweat (both actual sweat and Sweat makeup) drying on your face.

Terez Sweat Cosmetics athleisure beauty

TT: We’re always thinking about the ingredients in our food, but not always what’s in our makeup... Why is it so important to use products with natural ingredients?

SC: Just like the food you eat, the more natural the ingredient the easier your body and skin is able to work with them. Your skin won't "fight" what your putting on your face which means a much smaller chance for negative reactions like breakouts and blemishes. And as for chemicals, there are so many already embedded into our daily lives that any small change we can make to not use them, especially when it's something we are applying directly to our skin the better off we'll all be in the long run.  

TT: In a similar vein, we’re hearing more and more about how not only what you put on your face affects your skin, but also what you put in your body. What are a few call outs you have for things to keep an eye on in our diet when it comes to beauty?

SC: HYDRATE! We can't emphasize this enough when it comes to natural beauty.

It is the number one thing diet-wise that keeps your skin looking fresh.

It'll not only help with breakouts and dry skin but superficial fine lines and wrinkles.  

TT: It’s summertime, which means we’re obviously catching as many rays as possible. But is wearing sunscreen every day—even if we’re just going to the office—really necessary?

SC: YES! Reason 1: you never know how/when the sun will come in contact with you. Driving in the car, through the office window, maybe you go out for lunch? It's better to be prepared! Reason 2: It makes good habit. Your morning routine should always include SPF, no matter where you will be going that day!​ But that's what so good about Sweat products. They act as multi-tasking "thought-less" protection.

TT: Finally, we know you ladies are just like us in that you’re constantly on the move—early morning sweat sessions, meetings, lunch dates, more meetings, making time for friends and family… What’s your go-to makeup look that can survive all of the above?

SC: In general, we start with a oil-free moisturizer​. I use concealer under my eyes and on any red spots/blemishes. Then I use Sweat's Powder Jar Foundation, with a large, fluffy stippling brush from Sephora. I lightly brush on Sweat Mineral Bronzer under my cheekbones, and Sweat's Mineral Illuminator at the top of my cheek bones. I'll finish the look with a liquid eyeliner cat-eye (Kat Von D), a couple swipes of mascara and a pink lip tint/balm. DONE!

You can learn more about Sweat Cosmetics and all their makeup insight by visiting their website or Instagram.