Our most recent Linked Not Ranked event was everything and then some. We sweat, we danced, we laughed, we got really real, and we felt allll the feels. We each walked in strong, but we walked out even stronger knowing we had the entire NYC fitness community there to support us. Here's what all the buzz was about. 

For the 4th installment in our Linked Not Ranked series of events, we took things to even greater heights with more guests, new activities, and an array of kick-ass partners. But the central message was the same it's always been: When we stop focusing on competing with one another—"Who's skinnier? Happier? More popular?"—and instead work on supporting each other, we create a community of unstoppable women. We have the power to transform not only our bodies, but our moods, our minds, and our sense of self.

Terez Linked Not Ranked

What has been so exciting for us as co-hosts is to see how the interest and excitement around Linked Not Ranked continues to grow with each event. This particular installment saw the largest guest list we've had thus far, with over 150 instructors and influencers from large and boutique studios alike. Women from SoulCycle, Barry's Bootcamp, Fhitting Room, SLT, Cyc Fitness, Physique57, CITYROW, 305 Fitness, Peloton, and so many more (full list below!) filled the space with their energy and laughter.

Terez Linked Not Ranked

Breaking Glass Tall Band Leggings, Paint Party Leggings

After hydrating with CORE Water, intenSati and LNR co-founders Natalia Petrzela and Patricia Moreno, and Zara Terez Tisch and Amanda Schabes of Terez welcomed us to our mats and the movement.

Terez Linked Not Ranked Taryn Toomey, Patricia Moreno, Natalia Petrzela

Patricia Moreno & Natalia Petrzela, Co-founders of intenSati & Linked Not Ranked; Taryn Toomey, Founder of The Class

Zara Terez Tisch and Amanda Schabes of Terez at Linked Not Ranked

Co-founders of Terez & Linked Not Ranked, Zara Terez Tisch & Amanda Schabes

Soon after, we got our blood pumping and positive vibes flowing with The Class by Taryn Toomey. The room was alive as we danced, squatted, and yelled (really!), unleashing all of the tension and stress from our bodies. This allowed us to feel truly connected to the movement as Patricia then facilitated a reflective dialogue on what it truly means to empower ourselves and each other.

Taryn Toomey leading The Class at Terez Linked Not Ranked

Crystalized Capri Leggings

All 150 women sat in a circle and spoke about the idea of fitness being more about mental than physical, being true to themselves, and not "just doing it all for the 'likes.'" One woman pointed out that "...we should all be okay with being strong, opinionated women," while another commented, "I want my son to grow up knowing that he has a powerful, self-loving mother."

Terez Linked Not Ranked

"All a woman needs are strong bases of support and unconditional love of self,"

guest Alyssa Exposito wrote in a reflective post.

Terez Linked Not Ranked

And, because if you know us at Terez, we couldn't have a complete event without some fun activities and delicious noms!  A water bottle decorating station, complete with jewels and rainbow colors, provided a creative outlet, while a green screen photo booth from The Bosco let guests take home unique images from the event. 

Terez Linked Not Ranked

Terez Linked Not Ranked

Of course, snacks from Sweets by Chloe, Jus by Julie, CORE Water, and Runa Tea kept us well-fed and hydrated throughout the day also. 

Jus by Julie at Terez Linked Not Ranked

Sweets by Chloe vegan treats at Terez Linked Not Ranked event

Terez Linked Not Ranked

At the end of the day, we just want to celebrate the women pioneering this booming wellness scene. Together, we strive to elevate our conversations—whether in studios or on social media—to emphasize health, wellbeing, and the power we possess when we check our egos at the door and commit to thinking bigger than burning calories. 

We hope to continue to expand this movement to different cities. So far we have held events in New York City and Los Angeles.

Special thanks to our partners: CORE Water, Sweets by Chloe, Runa Tea, Bumble & Bumble, Bombas, Bark Thins, RESCUE Skin, Diptyque, Aloha Bars, Greenspoon Aroma, Chef's Cut Jerky, Ora Organics & Friedman's. 

And a huge thank you to our participating studios: Laughing Lotus, SLT, Brooklyn Body Burn, Peloton, Cyc Fitness, Swerve, modelFit, Brick Fit, Current Fitness, Physique57, SoulCycle, Solace, Pure Barre, Uplift Studios, CITYROW, I Am Trill Yoga, Surf Set, 305 Fitness, KG Body, Barry's Bootcamp, Body by Simone, Equinox, BFX Studio, Fhitting Room, Exhale, The Class by Taryn Toomey, Zaki Fitness, intenSati, The Bari Studio, Y7, Tone House, and more!

How does the Linked Not Ranked movement resonate with you? Let us know in the comments below! 

Photos by HBG Photography