Every day is Mother's Day in the Terez office. And we think the rest of the world should get on board! It's no secret that our mamas hold a very special place in our hearts here at Terez HQ, but it goes much deeper. Here's why we'll always be our mother's daughters (and sons!).

It may sound cliche, but we—as individuals, and as a company—truly wouldn't be where we are today without our mothers. And we carry that reminder with us every single day; it subconsciously guides every decision we make, every interaction we have, and even every legging that we design.

As a predominantly woman-based company, founded by two women, the importance of women and mothers in our office couldn't be greater. Zara, our CEO & Co-Founder, just welcomed her second child into the world (hey, Ty!). Julie, Director of Merchandising, and Dana, Director of E-commerce, are both up before the sun every morning to get their toddlers off to pre-school. Royce, Operations Manager (aka "King of the Warehouse"), was raised so well by his mother that he's able to keep up with a company that is 84% female. The mama of Samantha, our Digital Community Manager, carries Terez in her fitness studio on the other side of the country. Emily, Junior Graphic Designer, got her first job here (as an intern!) after her mom introduced her to Zara. So really—can you tell that moms are at the heart of our business?

And getting to dress both moms and daughters (see Exhibit A below: Good Housekeeping Editor Meaghan Murphy & her daughter Charley!) is one of the highlights of our work. Nothing makes us happier than seeing matching duos walking down the streets of NYC. 

Meaghan Murphy Good Housekeeping Terez Black Tap

We pride ourselves on offering maternity leave, flexible hours, and equal pay for the mothers and women in our office—though we firmly believe that should be considered the standard. We contribute to female-focused charities when we can: we even partnered with the organization Every Mother Counts (a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother) to create a legging for their cause back in 2015.

So to all of the mothers out there whose hard work, dedication, and constant love often gets overlooked—this is for you. Thank you for inspiring us day in and day out. We love you more than you'll ever know!


Your Terez family