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Meet Andrew Forman

Andrew is the Founder and CEO of Givz, helping brands move away from discounts and weave in social impact in a genuine and authentic way in the process.

Prior to Givz, Andrew spent 6 years in investment banking and was the treasurer of a nonprofit organization.

He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Mathematics and Economics from Hamilton College.

He lives in New York, is a proud dad of a 2.5-year-old daughter and a 10-month-old son, and still tries to make time for recreational sports.


What does joy mean to you?

Witnessing happiness erupt in someone I care about either suddenly or over time. This phenomenon can be a result of kindness, achievement, a surprise, or even music. Joy changes over time. Joy starts as accomplishments such as sports victories and over time joy morphs into creating new life and guiding others to their life victories.

What are some of the small things you celebrate?

Raiders football wins (although hard to come by in my lifetime) and small victories in sports, work, and parenting of my own. Honestly, I need to a do a better job of celebrating the small things - that is what life is all about.

Tell us about a really special time in your life, and why you treasure it.

Right now. It doesn't get crazier (does it?) than two small children to keep alive, a business that is gaining momentum, moving back into NYC, and trying to figure out the rest of your life...but every night I think about how grateful I am to have a wife that crushes work & parenting, parents and in-laws nearby and willing to help, and friends that I see way too infrequently. Sometimes the business is all-consuming but there's so much more out there.

We all have trying moments. What is something positive you did or chose to focus on to keep you moving forward?

I had to make the decision to pivot our business last year - that meant letting go of some great people and quasi starting from scratch. Anytime things got really tough I always tried to put myself in the shoes of having the option of working at my previous job or being able to jump in and run this company exactly where it was today. That helped me realize how much progress we had made and that it was an easy decision to soldier forward and focus on the most important things that needed to get done that day.

Tell us about someone who's been a positive influence
in your life.

My Grandfather - and more specifically - golfing with my grandpa. He made sure I had a life skill, and in those many hours golfing with him (the good old formative days) I learned a lot of life lessons. He taught me about consequences and how they are different for a 75-year old man versus a 12-year old boy. Like when the club slipped out of my hand and launched 30 yards into the middle of a pond - I had to roll up my pants and go get it. But through all of his stories and lessons one thing always stood out - do the right thing and that will lead to other good things. He lived his life that way and is something I try to emulate.

And we have to ask: what is your go-to Terez print?

I can't wait for our daughter to start wearing Terez clothing!!

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Last but not least: what's your favorite cake flavor?

This is probably the worst thing I inherited from my father (aside from a love for the Raiders)... bland white cake from a box with fudge chocolate frosting to give it flavor. It has to go in the refrigerator. My mom makes it for me every birthday since I first started eating solids (and for my father's and brother's birthdays as well).

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