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Meet Alexa Leigh

Born in California and raised in Aspen, Colorado, Alexa founded Alexa Leigh in 2010 with the notion of creating sentimental value behind every piece. The vision was to cultivate a jewelry line that could be worn everyday and look good at any occasion. She is the mother of 3 children and currently residing in Miami trying to keep all her balls in the air.


What does joy mean to you?

Joy is pure and simple. It's the little things that bring a smile to your face during the day.

What are some of the small things you celebrate?

I am all about celebrating the small professionally and personally. Like the brief moments when my house is quiet (ha) or when my children are playing and laughing together. Life is full of small wins and everyday I try to focus on those brief positive moments. They may even be insignificant to someone else but bring great joy to you and I think it's so important to honor that.

Tell us about a really special time in your life, and why you treasure it.

Right now! As I write these answers my newborn is asleep on my lap. This is my third and last child and I am really treasuring this hectic, exhausting, beautiful time with my family.

We all have trying moments. What is something positive you did or chose to focus on to keep you moving forward?

Most trying moments have a silver lining. I try to find that. If I can't, I've learned that this too shall pass. Good or bad, life goes on and I choose to move forward with it. I am not a tree. I can leave. ;) Bad joke but I mentioned I have a newborn right?

Tell us about someone who's been a positive influence
in your life.

Zara! I am inherently more introverted and Zara is much warmer and friendlier. She really welcomes everyone with open arms in a way that doesn't come naturally to me since I'm shy. I really wish I could be as bright of a rainbow with sunshine and sprinkles as she is. She's true to herself and I love that. She reminds me to play to my strengths and to make sure my work is bringing me joy.

And we have to ask: what is your go-to Terez print?

You know I'm not normally a print girl but Terez gets me to step outside my comfort zone from time to time. I wear the leopard the most.

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Last but not least: what's your favorite cake flavor?

Omg. I just love cake and don't discriminate. But if I had to pick a fav flavor it would be Oreo.

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