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How to Fold a Fortune Teller

What You'll Need:

1. 8 ½ in by 11 inch piece of construction paper
2. Colorful Marker


1. Fold the piece of paper ¾ way up to make a square.

2. Cut off the excess paper.

3. Fold the paper in half both ways, so there is a crease running vertically and horizontally. Unfold completely.

4. Fold in both diagonals, corner to corner to create a diagonal crease.

5. Fold in corners. Flip the paper over and again fold in all 4 corners int the center point.

6. Pinch the corners to open the pockets.

7. Set up the fortune teller. Write a color on each of the 4 exterior flaps. Then open the teller and flatten it out. Turn it to the side that doesn’t have the colors written on it and write the numbers 1 through 8. Lift the flap and under each of the numbers write a fortune.