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The Inspiration

“My mother was always drawn to clothing that was a little bit different, that had something special about them. Her love of horses was a common thread amongst many pieces in her closet. We found some of her favorite, worn-in pieces and wove them into our collection. She was also a designer at heart and loved creating jockey silks. We wanted to celebrate those silks by creating our own. Every piece has a story, every piece has meaning that was inspired by an adventure.”
- Zara, Founder

The Process

“Zara and I spent time looking through her mother's clothing, accessories, and home together. She told me stories of visiting Saratoga Springs and showed me endless photos of their time spent there. There was a prevalent theme of jockey inspired details mixed with western style that became the inspiration for this collection. I wanted to capture Zara's nostalgia of her mother's unique style through colors, patterns, and textures and merged them trends from today to create a collection that celebrates both style and adventure.” - Molly, Head of Design

The Final Product

"Our fall collection has every piece I'd want to wear throughout the season. From new sweat-wicking active tops to each layer I'm going to add on as the season goes on, we have everything covered. I can't wait to play around with all the layering options. One word, fleece!"
- Julie, Head of Merchandising

Meet Our Jockey Inspired Prints

Bright chevron, star and checker prints are reminiscent of jockeys' outfits spotted during an afternoon with friends and family at the horse races in Saratoga Springs. The bolder the better.

Introducing: The Fall Collection

Our free-spirited collection was inspired by our founder's childhood trips to Saratoga Springs and her mother's enduring love of horses.

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