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Meet Lindsay Kaye Lippman

Lindsay is the Founder of Kanvas Brands & the Creative Director of The Charmsters.


What does joy mean to you?

Feeling good from the inside out & being the absolute best version of yourself. BE YOU.

What are some of the small things you celebrate?

Perspective. Creativity. My dog. A great cup of coffee. Music. The Beach. Being Present. A long walk & honestly, life when it’s (really) boring.

Tell us about a really special time in your life, and why you treasure it.

Meeting my husband. He lives life to the fullest & is such a bright light. He’s my biggest supporter & the person who encouraged me to start Kanvas Brands. He also taught me how important it is to laugh every single day.

We all have trying moments. What is something positive you did or chose to focus on to keep you moving forward?

I founded Kanvas Brands using creativity, past lessons & intuition as my driving force. The company’s core competencies are built on many things instilled in me at a very young age.

My dad battled MS for 26 years. In 2004 he passed away. That time was incredibly challenging for me. I learned the definition of determination, perseverance, & strength incredibly early in my life. Health is wealth.

I believe my dad’s gift to me was teaching me to always “push forward when given the opportunity.” I live by that phrase to this day. Kanvas Brands is built on that.

Tell us about someone who's been a positive influence
in your life.

My Mom is my #1 fan in life. Without her I do not know where I’d be. She’s been THE guidance for me. She’s the OG self-starter, go-getter & powerhouse. I watched her as a kid do it all with grace & confidence, even at her most trying times.

My Nana is my biggest creative influence. She was the most incredible artist (way ahead of her time). Her work is so insanely awesome & one day I plan to show the world her visions through Kanvas Brands. Her original pieces are very powerful.

And we have to ask: what is your go-to Terez print?

The Charmsters X Terez collab & Leopard Goals. If I had to choose my favorite silhouette...The Ripstop Windbreaker.

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Interested in learning more about The Charmsters?

Check out their instagram!


Last but not least: what's your favorite cake flavor?

Funfetti is my all-time fav. I love everything/anything full of rainbows & sparkles.

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