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Meet Kira West

Kira is the founder of ByKwest, a wellness, travel and movement focused blog. She is the co-founder of ACTIV-ISM, an anti-racism wellness program and the Creator in Chief of MadebyKwest, which makes elegant yet functional jewelry pieces that are made for movement. Kira is a big believer in making wellness inclusive for all with a focus on increased accessibility for communities of color.


What does joy mean to you?

Joy means leaving a positive impact on the world.

What are some of the small things you celebrate?

My health, my wonderful home with my partner and our dog, family and honestly just the basics of being able to nourish myself daily. I'm working to get even better at celebrating the small wins.

Tell us about a really special time in your life, and why you treasure it.

Crossing the finish line at the NYC Marathon was really special. My family supported me throughout the journey and it was amazing to see them plus my boyfriend at the finish. I didn't grow up running or ever think I'd be able to run a full Marathon let alone one through the streets of NYC but finally completing it after months of training was the best feeling.

We all have trying moments. What is something positive you did or chose to focus on to keep you moving forward?

I try to focus on the possibilities and what is within my control. I reflect on the quote "tough times don't last, tough people do"

Tell us about someone who's been a positive influence
in your life.

There have been so many, it's hard to choose just one person. I would say my friend Taylor Rae Almonte has been a really positive influence. We co-founded ACTIV-ISM and support each other in continuing tough work while also supporting each other in life. She’s awesome overall, but such a thoughtful, positive influence on my life, challenging me to be better in a supportive way.

Last but not least: what's your favorite cake flavor?

Cake is tough because of my egg allergy but when I do enjoy it I love red velvet or anything with oreos like cookies & cream.

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