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Terez Joy Team

Tell me about the ambassador program!

Terez was founded with the goal of spreading joy through the connections we have to those around us. The Joy Team ambassador program is designed to help us share our energy and positivity with even more people.

How do I become a member of the Joy Team?

You can apply to become a member of the Joy Team here

What would I do as a member of the Joy Team?

Members of the Joy Team are like us: they share and live by our values. Wearing Terez brings a smile to their face and they share this joy with friends and followers regularly!

What are the perks?

In exchange for sharing your most joyful Terez styles and moments with your friends and followers, Terez Joy Team members receive:

  • 15% off personal purchases 
  • A unique 15% off code for your followers to use on their first purchase
  • 10% commission on all sales generated with unique code
  • Access to collection previews with our founder, Zara
  • Opportunity to receive free products throughout the year based on selling performance

For any other inquiries, please drop us a line at!