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Terez x Yasso

What is Yasso?

Yasso makes ridiculously creamy, mind-meltingly delicious better-for-you snacks from frozen Greek yogurt. Yasso offer 12 flavors of novelty stick bars, chocolate dipped bars, sandwiches and Yasso Poppables. Check out for all the details on who they are!

    How long is this Yasso x Terez promotion running for?

    This promotion of a free Yasso 4-pack with the purchase of any item from Terez’s new “Unfold Your Future” collection runs throughout the entire month of January, however is only in effect while supplies last and on orders in the continental US. 

    Is the Yasso 4-pack included with any purchase I make from Terez throughout the month of January?

    No, you will only receive a Yasso 4-pack when purchasing an item from Terez’s new “Unfold Your Future” collection. There are no other Terez items eligible for this promotion.

    Do I have to purchase every item from Terez’s “Unfold Your Future” collection to get the free Yasso 4-pack?

    No, any item from the “Unfold Your Future” collection is eligible. Valid for one 4-pack per order, whether your order contains one eligible item or multiple.

    I don’t see an option to add the Yasso 4-pack to my shopping cart. How do I get it?

    Your Yasso 4-pack will automatically be added to your shopping cart once you select an item from Terez’s “Unfold Your Future” collection.

    I appreciate the offer but I don’t want the Yasso 4-pack, even if it’s free. Can I still get an item from Terez’s “Unfold Your Future” collection without Yasso?

    Yes. While the Yasso 4-pack will automatically appear in your cart, you will be able to remove it during the checkout process if you wish.

    Which flavors are included in the 4-pack?

    All Yasso 4-packs in this promotion will include:

    • Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Bars (1 box of 4 bars)
    • Birthday Cake Bars (1 box of 4 bars)
    • Black Raspberry Chip Bars (1 box of 4 bars)
    • Sea Salt Caramel Bars (1 box of 4 bars)

    I’m not a fan of some of the flavors you’re offering. Can I choose my own flavors?

    The free 4-pack offered in this promotion is set to Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip, Birthday Cake, Black Raspberry Chip and Sea Salt Caramel. If there’s another delicious flavor you’d like to try, head on over to to find a store that sells them near you or order directly to your home.

    If Yasso is a frozen product, how does it ship?

    All Yasso products are shipped on dry ice to ensure your treats arrive frozen and delicious, exactly as they would if you purchased them from the store. Just be sure to get them in the freezer as soon as they arrive! 

    Where can I buy my own Yasso? 

    Find a store near you here!  Check out the store locator on their website to find where Yasso is sold near you and which flavors are currently available.

    No time to search the store shelves? Order directly to your door here! Shop on their website and build a box of your favorite flavors, delivered directly to your doorstep.